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Rock writings of passion for Chelle's Rock Blog and Metal Talk. 

I live to lose myself in evocative, soul-enriching sounds, discover new bands, see live music and share the love. 

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The Artful Codger

Mark Emmins is an accomplished singer-songwriter and musician of versatility, power and grace. With his roots in Punk, he has evolved into an artist who tempers compassion with humour and shock.


Download his latest album United State of England on iTunes and find out more at  katethompson.webs.com/markemmins

The Dogs D'Amour are Back - And Not on the Juice 

'The original bluesy glam rock ‘n’ rollers - The Dogs D’amour - are back in all their glory, not ‘Back on the Juice’ as one of their songs once told but back on tour and in the studio some twenty years on.'


Voice-over on the Title Track of The Man Left in Space by Cosmograf

Credited as Katharine Thompson on the album.


"The title track The Man Left In Space shows Armstrong at his most creative through using some very Bowie-esque influences which he infuses into the song's framework, his inventory of instruments stretching to the stylophone in this instance with D'Virgilio as his only guest here. It is a superbly measured song which ends with a 10cc I'm Not In Love moment, Katharine Thompson taking the part of The Girl He Left Behind." Alison Henderson, DPRP

Livin' Out Rock n Roll - The Movie 

‘Livin’ Out Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is the story of The Babysitters (and The Last of the Teenage Idols), arguably the best “worst rock ‘n’ roll band in the world.” Lovingly hand-made, in true Punk rock style by Paolo Sedazarri, the film brings to life the chaos and the humour in a series of hilarious laugh-out-loud anecdotes told by the former band members, some 30 years on.

Cancer is a Cant Rock n Roll Fundraiser 

Cancer is a Cant... say it with a 'Sarf' London accent and you'll see what I mean. Here's a fundraiser close to my heart. Check out this great video of former Dogs D'amour and Quireboys drummer, Paul Hornby, read the blog and don't miss some of the best rock n roll photos all right here.

Jelly Launch Debut Album

Pop Punk passion, laced with sinister undertones and neatly infused with a hint of the troubadour. This is music for the thinking post-Punk generation with influences of The Smashing Pumpkins and The New Faces, their songs stay with you long after. The debut album is out now. Listen to Jelly and find out more at  Jelly-Music