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A selection of highlights from my recently published features and some examples of publication in print. If you like my writing please feel free to share, hit the 'like' button or comment on each piece. Thank you.

Tootsie Talks - Beauty, Body Image and the Feminine Ideal

Attitude is everything. A growing acceptance and contentment with our looks may be more about our head than our hips. How can we come to feel this confidence about the way we look and what is it that shapes our views?

Secrets to a Successful Marriage

Disney has a lot to answer for when it comes to our first ideas of love and marriage. A happy marriage is loving and nurturing and fun. Here are my secrets to how to keep it that way. 

Grow Old Gracefully, the Best is Yet to Come

Why life really does begin at 40  and how it's all about attitude and not Botox. There is no 'holding back the years', as the song goes, so how do we deal with getting older and looking our age as we change and grow?

The Dogs D'Amour are Back - And Not on the Juice 

'The original bluesy glam rock ‘n’ rollers - The Dogs D’amour - are back in all their glory, not ‘Back on the Juice’ as one of their songs once told but back on tour and in the studio some twenty years on.'

Tankus the Henge Storm Bristol End-of-the-World Style

'Intelligent, uplifting gypsy style jump about and stomp your feet music, Tankus the Henge bring colour and sound to life, as vivid and as vibrant as your psychedelic dreams.'

Tracer Shook the Tunnels of Bristol in Electrifying Style

In a converted railway tunnel under Bristol’s Victorian Temple Meads station, Australian rock band Tracer played an electrifying set of powerful music, fast as a bullet from the smoking gun of El Pistolero – their aptly named new album.

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June/July 2012

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